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Takeda - Biolife

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The industry leader in plasma-derived therapies wanted us to improve the experience of donors that come to the center to donate plasma. We crafted a new experience for the centers  across multiple touchpoints like digital, environmental & human.

We started by redesigning the portal used by the staff to process donors at the center ensuring the viable enhancements are taken up first while keeping track of changes that would involve more capital and time. 

Business Goals

Improving scalability to expand centers in the US.


Globalisation of solution to multiple geographies. 


Increasing automation and modernizing the application to reduce time taken to process a donor.


Improving the plasma donation experience to encourage more donations and retention of donors



Amy Miller


Plasma Donor  |  Student​ | 21 years old

"I need some extra cash for the holidays and some small events coming up soon. Donating plasma is a convenient way to get that"

Motivation to donate plasma


Gives "Me time"

Helps the community

Factors for a good experience

Speed of visit

Comfort with Staff

Tracking impact


  • Unexpected crowd & long queues

  • Change is a process or steps

  • No insight into how many beds are already occupied

  • Improper insertion of the needle by a phlebotomist

  • Moving to another city

George Brown


Plasma Donor  |  Plumber  |  21 years old

"Over the years I have accumulated some debts. Donating plasma is a way to make extra money to pay them off "

Motivation to donate plasma


Gives "Me time"

Helps the community

Factors for a good experience

Speed of visit

Advance planning

Personalized Experience


  • Having to carry the social security card

  • Unfriendly staff sometimes

  • Improper insertion of needle by phlebotomist

  • Family responsibilities and time commitments

  • Longer donation time in the morning and evening

  • Not being able to schedule more than two donations a week and then cancelling the ones not needed.

Current State Analysis

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Information Architecture

Screens designed by me

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