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Pricing Advisor Portal


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My Role

My Role

 My role was to enhance the designed wireframes based on user feedback and experience design best practices. I solved for multiple  challenges by making small alterations with big experience impact.

Problem Statement

  • Changing food preferances and new sales channels like online ordering & delivery

  • Loss of customers due to fierce competition

  • Difficulty in interpreting data on current pricing analyser delaying pricing decisions

The Solution

To provide competitive yet profitable pricing recommendations to franchise owners in a compelling and easy to implement manner. This would help increase the use of pricing analytics to ensure the franchise earns maximum profit without losing costumers.

Key Features

Comparison of expected vs. actual results.


Easy viewing of recommendations and its expected results


Applying prices to multiple stores at once


Smart pricing for delivery channels


Information Architecture

Screens designed by me

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Apple iPad Pro 11_ Silver -

Set Delivery Prices

Apple iPad Pro 11_ Silver -
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Change Prices Any Time

  • See a list of all restaurants owned and select.

  • Set delivery prices for each individual menu item

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Apple iPad Pro 11_ Silver -

View Projected Metrics

The Impact


Over 90% of restaurants of the fast food giant bought the new portal within months. (i.e 13,000 + restaurants in US alone)


This scalable & adaptable solution has been deployed globally in countries speaking different languages.


After its success, the product has been sold to other fast food giants, bringing exponential revenue to the company.

Projected Recommendtaion Metrics.png
  • See estimated impact of pricing recommendations sent to you

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